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About Us

karen barlow owner changing seasons
Karen K. Barlow


 I have a calling...

I believe everyone has a purpose, something we are made to do. My calling involves Caring- Serving- and Honoring the wonderful senior adults that God places in my path. And that is why Changing Seasons was created. We honor, serve and support seniors and their families as they transition in life; a change of season that means moving from one home to another, or making their current home a better fit for life now.

I am passionate about creating “home”, wherever that may be. We work with our clients to envision and bring to life a home that is safe, comfortable and beautiful. We all need “home.” A place that is uniquely yours. A place that brings you peace, comfort and joy. I am blessed and honored to help people on the journey to have the home they need and desire.



____________________   Helping you “Make it Home”  ______________________


Changing Seasons Team

The core purpose of everything we do is "Helping you "Make it Home".  Whether you are moving to a different home and need move support and management, or will be staying in your current home and need Home for Life Design, our entire focus is providing for your needs and comforts of "Home". 

Our professional team works together using an organized and safe process.  We look forward to the opportunity to create with you the beautiful. comfortable and enjoyable home of your dreams!  Let's get started!

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Changing Seasons to serve, honor and support senior adults and their families as they transition to a new phase of life, in their current or new home.

The goal of our personalized service is to ensure that the transition is a smooth process, providing our clients with guidance, relief of stress and ease of change.

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Professional Designations

Living By Design Specialist Certified Age In Place Specialist National Association of Senior Move Managers

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