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Senior Moves


When the time comes to move to independent or assisted living, downsizing from the family home can seem like a daunting task.

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Seniors themselves may find it physically challenging to take on a move and adult children are often leading busy lives with careers and children of their own to manage.

As Certified Professional Senior Move Managers we understand both the practical and emotional aspects of moving. We follow a well-proven, three step process to support the family and minimize stress:



“I give you all a ‘5 out of 5’ on the survey. Your company greatly reduced my stress before, during and after the move. The team was so nice to have around and my new home was much more comfortable because you set it up so nicely!”

-N. K.

“Thanks to the whole team! They did a very good job. All of them were professional, yet warm and friendly. They took good care when setting up and staging my new home.”


“The team was gracious, accommodating and listened patiently to differences of opinion. And, always, they were pleasant and courteous through the whole process.”


“You were supportive and encouraging during the whole process, which we appreciated as the days and weeks moved closer to moving day. Thanks so much – you were a God-send!”


1. Prepare for the move

  • Meet with you to discuss your specific needs and desires
  • Prepare for the transition to your new home, complete with a floor plan
    and valuable items
  • Help with the downsizing prior to the move, making sure your keepsakes
    and valuable items receive the attention they deserve
  • Disperse the excess items: gift, sell, donate, or recycle
  • Schedule movers for the move date

2. Manage the moving day

  • Oversee the careful packing of all your belongings
  • Oversee the moving truck loading

3. Set up your new home

  • Manage the unloading of the truck
  • Place your furniture according to the floor plan
  • Set up your kitchen
  • Unpack and put away your clothes in the closets and drawers
  • Make the bed and set up the bathrooms
  • Hang your pictures and place artwork
  • Make sure your TV, PC and telephone all work

From the moment you step across the threshold it will feel like “Home”!


Before & After

Bedroom Before  Bedroom After


Living Room Before  Living Room After

Living Room

alt  alt

Dining Room

alt alt alt

                                                                  Master Closet


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