Downsizing, right size, sorting and organizingDownsizing.  

Not a word that inspires much enthusiasm or great amounts of joy. However, in the right context and frame-of-mind, downsizing can be one of the most rewarding and freeing things you have ever done.

I actually prefer to call it ”rightsizing.”

It is a more descriptive (and positive) reference to the process that involves simplifying and de-cluttering your home. The purpose of rightsizing is to create an environment that truly fits and encourages your personal lifestyle. The book, Rightsizing Your Life, by Ciji Ware, fundamentally changed my view of possessions and the role they play in one’s life. By surrounding yourself with the things that you love most and functionally support your everyday routine, your quality of life improves. Paring away unneeded items, you may find it easier to “breathe” in a home that isn’t crowded and overstuffed.

The time is NOW!

Since most of us have more than we need and want in our home, now is a good time to start rightsizing! If you are moving soon, start now because it will take longer than you think it will. If you don’t have plans to move, you will give yourself the gift of time by starting now. Whatever stage of life you are in, by committing to rightsizing your home you will enjoy the rewards of a more comfortable and livable home!

Let’s get STARTED!

Here are some guidelines and tips for success:

  1. Select one area and concentrate on it (i.e. bedroom, kitchen, etc).
  2. Set up four boxes or bags-one each for items to keep, donate, give to family and friends, or throw away.
  3. Sort through items, asking the following questions:
    • Do I use this? If so, how often?
    • Do I need this?
    • Is this something I love?
    • Would someone else benefit more from having it?
  4. Recognize the emotional side of rightsizing. Give yourself permission to feel a range of emotions as you go through your items. Having someone help you may be supportive and also keep you on track.
  5. Work for short periods at a time. Take breaks.
  6. Reward yourself for progress! Have a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and take satisfaction in how much you have accomplished!

It’s worth the EFFORT…

Rightsizing is a challenging task. Time-consuming? Yes, yet it will provide years of comfort and convenience. And, you don’t have to do it by yourself!

Changing Seasons is dedicated to helping you “Make It Home”. Rightsizing is a tremendous benefit to those who are choosing to stay in their current home and need Home for Life Design. We can provide not only the Home for Life assessment for safety and mobility, but can also work with you to rightsize your home, which will add space and comfort.

For those who are moving and need Senior Move Management, Changing Seasons can help you prepare for your new home by space planning and helping you choose just the right items to “Make It Home.”

Call us today to get started on your “rightsized” life!