The resource for quick, efficient and stress-free reduction of excess belongings.

Step 1: You select the items you want to sell.

Step 2: Changing Seasons gathers similar items into “lots”, which are cataloged and photographed. MaxSold, the on-line host, sets up auction on-line.

Step 3: Auction goes live for 7-10 days. A typical auction from cataloging to closing takes two weeks (sooner if needed).

Step 4: Auction closes. A pick-up event is hosted by Changing Seasons 2 days after the auction. Average of 90-100% of items sold!

Step 5: You receive net payment (minus commissions and fees) within 14 business days of closing. MaxSold’s commission on each “lot” is 30%, minimum of $300. Changing Seasons charges a fee for lot preparation, cataloging, photographing items, and the pick-up event. A ball-park estimate is provided.

Benefits include:

  • Easy dispersal of excess home items-all you have to do is select the items you want to sell
  • Auctions sell an average of 98% of items! (estate sales often sell 70% or less­ and require additional disposal)
  • Quick process – 14 days or less
  • Limited home access needed-only for preparation and pick-up (with estate sales, buyers are in the home during the entire sale)
  • Transparency of purchased items-a complete sales report is given listing the item and the purchase price (not available with estate sales)

Bids: All bids start a $1 (no reserves or minimum bid) and this is by design to ensure the success of the auction. With 50 years’ experience in the auction business, MaxSold has found that getting more people into the bidding process leads to better results; a reserve can discourage some bidders.

Changing Seasons Move Management, in partnership with MaxSold Online Auctions, provides a Successful, One-stop resource for your downsizing needs!