Paul and Sandy had always been “do-it-yourselfers.” Spending over 20 years in the Army kept them moving and active. After the Army, they settled in their quiet neighborhood, enjoying almost 30 years in one place. When they decided to move to an independent living community, however, they realized they could use more than a little help. Considering the overwhelming amount of planning, cleaning, organizing and details, Sandy and Paul weren’t sure they could make a move. Sandy used a walker and Paul worked part-time, so they had limited time and energy. The director of the independent living community suggested they call a senior move manager, someone who could relieve them of much of the move stress by doing most of the planning and preparations for them. That sounded too good to be true!

Paul wanted to know more, so they called Changing Seasons, a senior move management company, and had a great consultation (at no charge) with Karen Barlow, the owner discussing their desires and time frame for the move. She outlined her services, beginning with working with them to create a floor plan for their new home. She would also help them downsize their belongings, assist them with packing and moving, and then completely unpack their items and set up their new home. Karen and her team would even make the bed, set the alarm, and set up the TV and computer!

Their family wanted to help but their sons both lived out of state. Sandy’s daughter lived in Dallas, worked full-time and couldn’t take time off. Sandy and Paul took some time to think through the process, and knew they needed support and wanted a good move experience. Having Changing Seasons move management team as their partner was the right choice. To get started, they worked with Karen to create their floor plan with belongings they loved, and a new sofa and chair that better fit their new space. She even helped them find a comfortable sleeper sofa that was the answer to having room for family when they visited.

On the next several visits, Sandy worked with the team as they sorted and downsized items in each room, and Paul focused on the garage and his study. When the pack day came, Paul and Sandy went to lunch and a movie, while the team worked with the packers, ensuring proper care was given to their things. On move day, they enjoyed lunch with friends at their new community restaurant, and then went to their new apartment. All their beloved belongings and furniture were lovingly set up in their new home, and it felt like home!

Paul was so surprised that everything was taken care of in one day, and Sandy was elated with her beautiful kitchen and living room. Everything was just as they had planned, and there was not one moving box in sight! “It was worth every penny, and then some, to have the move management team handle all this for us. It was very affordable, but the real value was in their wonderful, kind support and not having to worry about all the details. We couldn’t be happier!” Sandy said. Paul just smiled, and headed down to the library in the new community. He heard there was a domino game going on……