“Karen, you were such a help with the move and the design of my new apartment. You took away the burden of all the details. Whenever I would start to worry, I would say, ‘I don’t have to worry about that. Karen’s taking care of that!’ I really like my new home and I am very happy here.”

– J. Haakman

“You did a beautiful job on my mom’s apartment. She is so happy with it and that means so much to us. Thanks so much for helping her create a beautiful new home! :)”
– E. Tarr

 “Thanks for all your work and advice. I give you all the credit for making my new home comfortable-I just love it!
-N. Peace

“The whole team was professional, helpful and performed with a Christian attitude. It was a joy to work with a company based on Christian principles.”
– C. Alden

“You have been SO much help to so many of our residents. You’ve helped diffuse some difficult situations, and helped make the transition for the residents easier…not to mention, help provide them with beautiful surroundings. We are blessed to have you as a beloved friend and associate.”
– A. Whitis, The Pinnacle at Eden Hill   

“Changing Seasons was a life (back) saver for me! The downsizing was difficult, but having someone there with me to make me make decisions was so helpful. It was actually fun to down-size and get rid of stuff I didn’t need anymore. I had tried doing it by myself, but having someone there doing it for me was wonderful.

Next my husband and I decided to go ahead and “spring” for the move in services, and boy, was I glad we did. On move-in day Karen sent me away. At first I was hesitant, but she was sweetly persistent, so I went for lunch and shopping with my daughter and daughter-in-law, which was much more fun than working all day. When I returned, furniture was in place (Karen had worked with us to decide which furniture we could take, so she knew where everything was going), the pantry was filled and organized to perfection, the china cabinet was filled and beautiful, and most importantly, the beds were made, because I crashed very early. They did in one day, what would have taken us much longer. As a gift, they came back and hung some of my pictures.

Changing Seasons was also with me for “move out” day, being sure I didn’t leave anything and making sure the moving company was doing their job properly. I was very tired by this time, so I very much appreciated this service.

Most importantly, I bonded with the team and feel like we actually became friends. They were kind, courteous, and fun, besides being very competent, making the whole move so much easier for me. Thank you, Changing Seasons!”
-S. Lodovic